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​What form of exercise works best for you?
  • There is not a 'one size fits all' approach to health and fitness. What works for one may not be what works for you, what motivates me probably isn't the same as what motivates you. Here at LiveWell United we recognize and APPRECIATE those differences; therefore we offer many different types of group fitness classes.


  • Do you like loud music and dancing feet? How about music that has a beat  for every move and a move for every beat? Prefer a quieter class on a mat? Punching and kicking? We have it. And we recognize how difficult it can be to enter a new gym, how intimidating it can be to try a new class, to LIKE fitness. We GET it!


  • We are not here to judge, but to help. We want to see you succeed in your fitness goals, to begin on your own personal journey of a healthier version of you. Come see us; take that step, let us help you discover what works for you.



We want you to experience LiveWell United. Visit us, get a feel for the atmosphere, meet our instructors. First class is on us!

Why Group Fitness?

Group fitness refers to any and all forms of fitness done in a group setting led by a group instructor. There are many benefits to exercising in group settings, some of which include: motivation, accountability, encouragement and camaraderie.


  • Every group fitness class has an instructor available to lead the class, answer questions, help with form and show modifications. Group classes can help provide the motivation needed to follow through on your fitness journey.

  • There is an accountability of sorts when one agrees to meet friends before/after work.  On those days when motivation is low, the attendees and instructor may energize and encourage you more than an exercise done at home. 

  • Great music, others working along side; sharing the struggles and successes can make the hour feel more like a party than a workout!

Hi Fives after a group fitness class
  • Above video is from a recent TurboKick class. Each participant is working to their own ability yet enjoying the camaraderie of others in the class.


  • The picture to the left was taken during a break in the routine. Smiles and high fives all around: probably some shouts of joy and laughter as well. Group fitness isn't only about the physical health but the mental as well.

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